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HTZ Monthly Autostakes

Dear Hertz Network Community,
The development team is pleased to inform you that, starting from August 2021, we will distribute autostake rewards monthly instead of quarterly so investors will receive rewards more often. 
The monthly autostake rewards will be 2% per month (compounded 26.82% per year) until the end of 2023, and then decreasing 0.15%/year until the autostake rewards are fully distributed (around 4.5X) in Q4 2027.  Distributing autostake rewards at a fix percentage every month will be easy for new investors to understand, and it will allow HTZ circulating supply to grow more steadily.
*The first and only quarterly autostake rewards from the snapshot on July 25th will be distributed as scheduled in the 1st week of August, 2021.
Thank you !

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