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HTZ to HTZ BEP20 Swap

Our team has decided to fully migrate to BSC network! Please see our swap guide for more info: HTZ to HTZ BEP20 Swap  

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HTZ Exchange Listings


We are pleased to announce our AMA with XT Exchange on September 29, 2021 at 7:00 AM UTC | 2:00 AM EST 🎙Speaker : Ashish

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HTZ General

HTZ Crypto Trading Webinar

We’re glad to announce that our two doxxed team members Ashish Malik (@HTZashvim) & Matteo Lupi (@CryptoOgami) will be guest speakers at a Zoom Crypto

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HTZ Important To Trend On CMC

🔥Please all do this 🔥 💎Important to trend on CMC💎 Open your browser and go to the address below :  https://www.keeprefreshing.com Then Copy the link

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