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HTZ Wallets

You can safely keep HTZ Coin in either MetaMask or Ledger hardware wallet.  

We highly recommend that you keep your HTZ in Ledger hardware wallet for maximum security. Please refer to “How to connect MetaMask to Ledger” for detailed instructions.

If you have HTZ BEP-20, you can also store them on MetaMask or Ledger hardware wallet.

MetaMask Extension

You can use MetaMask browser extension to manage HTZ Coin and HNC-20 Token the same way you do with tokens on Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain Networks.

Recovery Methods:
  • Mnemonic phrase
  • Private key
  • Second layer protection:
  • Password
  • Ledger Hardward Wallet

    You can keep HTZ Coin and HNC-20 Token in Ledger Hardware wallet through MetaMask. 

    Recovery Method:
  • Recovery phrase
  • Second layer protection:
  • Password
  • Please make sure that you have Ledger Live installed, then go to My Accounts menu in Metamask and choose Connect Hardware wallet.

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