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Our team has decided to fully migrate to BSC network!

This decision comes for many reasons:
1. To reduce maintenance costs that the team has been sustaining for the mainnet, so Hertz Network will keep growing sustainably.
2. To reduce supply by getting rid of ghost/lost wallets.
3. To stop staking as it’s going to be a regulatory issue in many countries soon.
4. To concentrate on supply and value management on only one chain (HTZ BEP20 token on BSC).

Swap Period:

Feb 20, 2023 at 16.00 GMT 


March 20, 2023  at 16.00 GMT 

There’s no need to fill up any form. 

Please just follow the these steps to swap your HTZ Coin to HTZ BEP20 Token. 

  1. Send HTZ Coin* to the Swap Address 0x41367f30f07cb55f684b1339d921999f7b8a76bd
  2. The team will send HTZ BEP20 Token to the your same wallet address in 72 hours
  3. Install MetaMask wallet extension on your browser.
  4. Please make sure to add token contract 0xb5BBA78B4dF2D47DD46078514a3e296AB3c344Fe to your Metamask to see HTZ BEP20 Token.
* If you stake WHTZ, please withdraw your stake and swap WHTZ to HTZ . Then you can send HTZ to the Swap Address.

Note: If you already have HTZ BEP20, you don’t need to swap.

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