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Hertz Cloud Staking

Hertz Cloud Staking rewards are paid in WHTZ Token (Wrapped HTZ  Token) which can be swapped to HTZ Coin anytime at Hertz Swap

Starting in June 2022, you can earn WHTZ stake rewards at Hertz Swap

The staking reward will be 1,700,000 WHTZ/day from July 2022 to until December 2027. 

 Please follow the process to stake your HTZ.

  1. Connect to Hertz Swap
  2. Wrap HTZ to WHTZ
  3. Deposit WHTZ to Staking Pool
  4. Withdraw to claim WHTZ
  5. Add Rewards to the Pool

Step 1: Connect Wallet to Hertz Swap

Please go to hertzswap.net, and connect to your MetaMask wallet.

Then connect to the desired wallet, click next and complete the connection process.

If your MetaMask hasn’t been connected to Hertz network before, please click “Switch to HTZ” button at the top right corner.

Step 2: Wrap HTZ to WHTZ

Choose the pair HTZ and WHTZ, then wrap the desired amount of HTZ to WHTZ.

Once the wrap is completed, you will see your WHTZ balance on Hertz Swap.

You can add WHTZ token to your MetaMask by clicking “Import Tokens” on the Asset page and enter WHTZ token contract  0x823D714ccED2d8881a436eE86dC4fC618dfA7211.

Step 3: Deposit WHTZ to Staking Pool

Go to the Stake page, and click the “Deposit” button in the WHTZ panel.

Then click “Deposit WHTZ Tokens” button.

Then complete the approve and deposit processes on the MetaMask wallet.

You can view the transaction status on Explorer (Hertz Scan).

Once the transaction is completed, you will see the balance of your WHTZ deposits and profit.

Step 4: Withdraw to Claim WHTZ

To withdraw your WHTZ from the staking pool, simply click the “Withdraw” button and complete the process on the MetaMask wallet.

Step 5: Add Rewards to the Pool

To add your earned stake rewards back to the staking pool, simple click the “Claim and Stake” button and complete the process on the MetaMask wallet.

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