Please follow the instructions below to approve a multi-signature transaction on Hertz Network.


1) Open Hertz Network desktop wallet. Make sure to import the private key of the required account to the wallet.

2) Go to custom link for Hertz Network. On the top right corner, choose login and click “Add Account”.

3) The “Connect to Wallet” window will pop up, choose “SimplEOS”.

4) will try to connect to your Hertz Network wallet. Go to your desktop wallet, you’ll see a pop-up window asking you to choose the account that you wanna link to Choose the account that is required for the multi-signature approval.

5) Once connected, please make sure that the required account shows on the top right corner.

  • Go to home icon
  • Select “Multisigs” tab 
  • Click “Show Proposal” to see the full list of proposal names

6) Click the proposal name that you would like to approve.

7) Check the transaction details. If they are correct, click “Approve” the proposal. 

8) Go to your desktop wallet, you’ll see a pop-up window asking you to confirm the approval transaction. Enter your Hertz Network wallet password, and click “CONFIRM”.

9) After you successfully approve the transaction, your status in the “Requested Approvals” as show in Step 7 should show “Approved” in green.

10) Optional – If the number of approvals reaches the threshold needed to approve the transaction, you may click the “Execute” tab to execute the transaction.