HTZ to HTZ BEP20 Swap

Our team has decided to fully migrate to BSC network! Please see our swap guide for more info: HTZ to HTZ BEP20 Swap  

HTZ First Quarterly Distribution

Hello HERTZers ! 😎 We are proud to announce that the snapshot has been taken as scheduled 🥳😉 !!!   Please see the list of eligible wallets here.

HTZ Network Explorer

We are glad to let you know that our beta explorer is now available under wallets field. Go try it and let us know your impressions ! 😉😉😉😉😉😉😉

HTZ Web Wallet Account

We are happy to announce that users will be able to create a web wallet account starting at 5:00PM GMT on March 24th at ✅ The HTZ airdrop to these web wallet accounts will start in a couple of days once a good number of users have created an account. ✅ Only 1 web […]