Hertz Network Telegraph 2.0 no. 006

It’s been a long time, dear Hertzers!  Due to various reasons, the team could not be present in the chat for some time. Now things are about to change!  During the last meeting the key points for the rebirth of the project were decided. The first and indispensable point will be the reconstruction of the […]

Hertz Network Telegraph 2.0 no. 005

Hi Hertzers! This short Telegraph is to announce that the new HertzSwap based on BSC token has been completed and is actually in a beta testing followed by the tech team. Hope this could bring some happiness to you all! Check it out here: https://hertzswap.net/ -Hertz Team

Hertz Network Telegraph 2.0 no. 004

Good day Hertzers! We wanted to make an update Telegraph to make the point on our situation. The swap process, for the migration on BSC, ended regularly. Apart the website, all the old tools were closed. The new tools to be used on BSC are in fast development. Soon we’ll have the community involved more deeper […]

HTZ Defi Platform Progress

Our Defi platform is progressing as planned 😉 We aim to have it completed by the end of this quarter.

HTZ Roadmap

We are proud to present you both our: Roadmap https://www.hertz-network.com/roadmap and Tokenomics https://www.hertz-network.com/about